Protecting Clients Who Slip and Fall in Houston, TX

State law requires property owners to maintain safe environments to prevent accidents and injuries. If you slip and fall in Houston, TX, due to someone else’s negligence, call us at Golden Triangle Injury Lawyers, PLLC. Our law firm has successfully argued many clients’ premises liability cases before the court. We have the experience you can rely on to achieve the most favorable outcome available in your case. Our lawyers take your injuries seriously, and we aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve.

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen anywhere: private homes, public parks, hotels, shops, restaurants, offices, grocery stores, and more. Essentially, if you fell and injured yourself due to unsafe conditions created by the premises’ owner, manager, or staff, you may be eligible to file a claim. We are here to provide you with the legal help you need after your slip-and-fall incident.

Fighting for Your Best Interest

As your law firm, we work diligently in your best interest. Texas slip-and-fall cases are not always easy to win because the plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant created the unsafe condition, knew about it, and neglected to address it in time. We’ll fully investigate the circumstances and give you our honest advice. While you obviously can’t predict your slip-and-fall accident, and although no one thinks clearly in moments of distress, there are steps to take that will help your legal case:

  • Take pictures of the scene
  • Get witnesses’ names and contact information
  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Call our office
  • Provide any documents you may have showing that the responsible party knew of the defect (i.e., emails to your management or landlord reporting leaks, broken stairs, etc.)
  • Do NOT give a statement to your insurance company until you talk to us

Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen for any number of reasons: liquids on the floor, falling debris, raised or uneven flooring, poor lighting, damaged stairs, etc. Whatever the reason, you can count on us to advocate tirelessly on your behalf.

Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys

Slip-and-fall accidents can have a severely negative impact on your life, especially if you miss work because of your injuries. Often, our clients are concerned about how they’ll pay their bills and care for their families while they recuperate. That’s why never take our obligation to you lightly.

We give each case the personalized, in-depth attention that our clients expect. If applicable to your case, we’ll help you secure workers compensation as well as a fair insurance settlement to cover your medical bills and losses due to missed work. In addition to slip-and-fall cases, our compassionate law firm offers counsel and representation following:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Truck/18-Wheeler Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Workplace Injuries

Contact us to schedule your consultation. Our firm proudly represents clients in the Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange, Texas, area.