Wrongful Death and Workers’ Compensation Cases in Houston, TX

Nothing matches the devastation of losing a loved one. When someone else’s negligence is at fault, holding that person responsible is vital -- both to get the compensation you deserve, and to prevent the same thing from happening to others. That’s why Golden Triangle Injury Lawyers, PLLC, handles a wide range of cases involving wrongful death and worker’s compensation in Houston, TX. 

Our team understands that you need powerful legal resources to get results in one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever face. We leverage extensive experience and an open, communicative relationship with our clients to find the best solutions for these heartbreaking situations. At the core of everything we do, we never forget that it’s your future and justice on the line.

How We Handle Cases

In wrongful death litigation, there’s often more to prove than you might think. Rising to the legal standard for responsibility is no easy task for any case, and can often involve months or years of fighting. We work with you to compellingly prove two things:

First, that the person or group named in your lawsuit breached their duty of care for your loved one. This means establishing that the defendant either did something irresponsible or failed to take reasonable action to prevent the death in question. This is the first step toward getting you the compensation you deserve.

Second, we present the damages. This includes any pain, suffering, and costs incurred as a result of your loved one’s death. Our job is to show that the damages in your claim are the direct result of the defendant’s actions, the other key component for liability in wrongful death settlements or judgments.

Settlements: What to Expect

Unfortunately, no lawyer can guarantee results from a case. When you choose us, however, you can be certain of one thing: we will exhaust every opportunity to maximize the amount you receive. This is about more than money -- though you certainly need as much as possible to cover your expenses. It’s about accountability.

Even if you decide to settle, we make sure the terms are in your favor, not simply a way to write off responsibility. Whether your loved one lost their life to a workplace accident, malpractice, or some other tragedy; count on us to pursue the full recovery available to you. Even after an unbearable death, you never have to deal with the legal system alone with Golden Triangle Injury Lawyers, PLLC.

Contact us today for a free evaluation for your wrongful death case. We proudly serve clients in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.